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Why Old Glory Flagpole?

I started Old Glory Flagpole and subsequently Oldgloryshop.com with one goal in mind... Make a quality residential flagpole that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. 

You see the issue I was running into and the issue my fellow patriots were experiencing, was that you could either buy an inferior 16 gauge aluminum pole for sub $99 that would break in half the first 20mph gust it experienced, or you would have to pay upwards of $700 for a decent "affordable" flagpole kit in your yard. 

No way. I needed a better deal, my family needed a better deal, and the veterans, service-members, and patriots of this country needed a better deal. That's where the inspiration came from.

Enter Old Glory Flagpole. We built a quality line of residential flagpoles with our proprietary 11 gauge wind resistor designs. Simply put, we built a better residential flagpole. Then we kept prices low through efficient online presence and marketing (Maybe that M.B.A. actually paid off!).

We keep prices low by cutting out middle men, and forgoing the traditional storefront for a lean and efficient warehouse that also houses our top notch customer service team. Now we can compete with the $700+ flagpoles for 1/4th the price! 

Our checklist:
[x] Build a stronger residential flagpole
[x] Make it as affordable as possible

Mission accomplished! 

We have continued to grow year over year since we first started this company in November 2018. We will continue to grow through our focus on serving our customers with exceptional flagpoles and excellent customer service. 

Thank you for supporting us to this point, please know we will continue to work diligently to keep earning your support. 

If you ever need anything from my team, please use the live chat feature on this website or call us at 385-985-7244. 

Best regards, 

Parker McCumber

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